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CMR Sitrep
Thursday, October 16, 2008
DoD Must Not Tolerate Disenfranchisement of Troops

This article titled "Complicated process deters soldiers, dependents from voting" quotes John Fund, Wall Street Journal columnist and author of the recent book, Stealing Elections. Fund expressed concern that the ability of deployed troops and sailors to vote will be compromised "because of bureaucratic red tape."

A recent Military Times poll on support for the presidential candidates shows a strong majority of support for Senator McCain. Given the intensity of the race and the close margins reflected in polls of the civilian population, it is vital that our men and women in uniform are guaranteed the opportunity to place their vote and to have it counted. The National Defense Committee is taking the lead on this issue, and we believe their effort on behalf of our military deserves unqualified support.

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Interested readers, including members of the military, are invited to comment through the "Confidential Contact" site on this website, Nothing in the CMR SITREP Blog is intended to aid or hinder elections or the passage of legislation before Congress.
posted by CMR Editor @ 10/16/2008 04:21:00 PM

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